Here at Whistler Mechanical, our experienced engineers can diagnose, service, and repair most heating issues. We are experienced with numerous types of heating installation and repairs. The heating system is installed by our engineers for residential, multifamily, and commercial properties successfully.

Whenever there is a requirement of new parts, only the genuine and brand new parts backed by a 1-year warranty are used for complete peace of mind.

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Certified

TSBC License #: LBP020444

Heating Services offered but not limited to!!!

  • Steam Shower Installation
  • Fix Cold Spots
  • Outdoor Snow Melt
  • Boiler Repair & Replacement
  • Install Baseboard Heat
  • Commercial Heating
  • Heat Design & Balance
  • Troubleshooting Heating Problems
  • Preventative Maintenance
Call (604) 932-6219 to schedule your Gas Installation or Repair service in Whistler & surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us for Heating Services

Our staff has the necessary experience to meet all of your heating. Don’t waste your time and money using one company for baseboard heat installation and another to fix your cold spots, just contact Whistler Mechanical and get everything taken care of efficiently and effectively.

Better yet, take advantage of our preventative maintenance services and avoid major issues ahead of time!

We assure that our technicians are well equipped, trained, and friendly to handle any minute issue or a big job. Call us on (604) 932 -6219 to schedule an appointment.